We have trade customers all over the UK, Ireland, Isle Of Man, Channel Islands and Isle Of Wight. 

Below you will find just a handful of feedback and Tweets from a handful of our users and industry professionals. 

All our testimonials are 100% genuine from real BITS4HAIR customers!

85% of our business is repeat business!

Emma emailed us to say: "...since I have changed my products from Fudge to yours all my clients are over the moon with the colour results and range of colours don't fade at all.  I also use your shampoo, conditioner and hairspray and they're amazing, my clients are now asking me to order them some as they fell in love with the products as I did .
Just thought i'd leave you some feedback on how much we love your brand. Thanks Emma x" - Emma uses BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR", "THE SHAMPOO", "THE CONDITIONER" and "THE HAIRSPRAY".

Rebecca says on Facebook: "Love bits4hair ! Best discovery I've made , even clients have commented that the colours last longer , I always know what they will come out like , that confidence in productise great thank you ! 12.01 is a great high lift too !" - Rebecca uses BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR".

Victoria says on Facebook: "Thank you for my swift delivery. Love themes shampoo and conditioner ! Eye catching smell good and lovely for your hair thanks Vicky" - Victoria uses BITS4HAIR "THE SHAMPOO" & "THE CONDITIONER". See the Facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/bits4hair/posts_to_page/

Viki says on Facebook: "Client wanted a complete change from her ombre so I went in with 66/66 with no lift on mids and ends and 55/66 with 6% on natural level 5/6 roots. Stunning finish." - Viki uses BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR".

A customer emailed us to say: "Hi I just see you guys made a technical guide.. I'm so happy.. It seems so informative. My XXXXXXX salon has been open for 2 years now and I love your colours.. I have always used them in my salon.. And I used them in my old work at XXXXXXX.. I'm not sure how many years you been around but I have used your colours for over 5 years or more.. We converted to you at my old work from Loreal.. And not one client knew the difference. All new stylist found the colours easy to use. We use your colours for every aspect from full colour to highlights and toning. I never ever had any issues.. And now I read your technical guide I can see some of the colours I got are different from what I thought which has made me happy. I don't know if people email you a lot to say what a great company you are and what a great job your all doing but I just wanna say I really love working with your colours.. Plus when I order you guys deliver so fast and if there is ever an issue you sort it out with no problem. I have honestly saved so much money with your colours and peroxides. Next year we plan to open a second salon and I wouldn't use any other colour company.

Thanks again for your great colours :) ."

Katie emailed us to say: "Hey guys, thanks for the great service and colours so far, my clients are happy with their end results!" - Katie uses BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR".

@GoodSalonGuide Tweeted: "Gorgeous colour work!" in response to a Tweet by one of our BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR" users.

@GoodSalonGuide Tweeted: "Beautiful x!" in response to a Tweet by one of our BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR" users.

Harvey blogged: "I can't remember how I first stumbled upon this company now. But that doesn't matter, what does matter, is that I did discover them! If your a professional hairstylist, or someone that uses Salon Quality products you'll know how high the price of colour tubes and developers are and working professionally, this can add up one hell of a lot! As I'm writing this I've got silvery/grey hair, and my roots were in dire need of colouring correctly. But I didn't want to damage my hair further with bleach, so I went for the black regrowth look and just tinted my roots. So I decided to finally give bits4hair.com a try. I'll talk about their products in a future post, once I've had a chance to test out lots of different colours - I'm mainly going to be focused on the customer service experience here.

I won't lie, at first look I thought £1.99 for a 100ml tube of colour, they can't be great quality and they are going to ruin my hair, but my hair was already ruined, so I purchased two tubes of colour and two bottles of developer, just to clarify, the products did not ruin my hair at all, but more on that in the future. - Delivery was the most expensive thing I paid for - but it was 48 Hour Signed For. So I can't complain, if I owned a salon, this postage option would come in great handy!

I placed my order and paid via PayPal which messed up (on my part) and sent as an e-cheque which would take 5-7 days to clear, I tweeted about it, then placed a second order and paid with my card as I needed the products by that weekend. Immediately after I placed the second order I saw that bits4hair had tweeted me via DM. I explained what had happened and that I was happy for both orders to be processed and dispatched when payment cleared. That was all sorted out between me and whomever I was speaking to (if your reading this hey! you told me you were a hairdresser 25 years ago, would love to be on first name terms!) and may I just add, their customer service is SPOT ON! The situation was sorted professionally and quickly.

I cannot thank the team at bits4hair enough! I've found a new company that I enjoy, with phenomenal customer service, and I can assure you that I'll be back for more soon! If you'd like to check out bits4hair then their website is: bits4hair.com - Before ordering please bear in mind the site is Trade Only and the products shouldn't be used by someone that doesn't know how to use them correctly (you should all know how I feel about things like that.. I've spoke about it on YouTube!)

If you are a professional hairstylist and cannot work their site, get in contact with them, the service is fantastic and they will give you a helping hand I'm sure."

Rachel emailed us to say: "I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with bits4hair colour. I ordered a few samples to try last week, and every customer I have used the colour on has been really pleased with the result. I was a colour technician in my previous salon for 9 years, and have always used either l'oreal or matrix, so I must admit I was slightly dubious due to the low cost of the colour, but I was so wrong! It has a lovely texture and a little goes a long way, it smells pleasant and for the first time, my customers scalp didn't 'tingle' when the colour was applied. I have just made a larger order, and I can't wait to receive my colours and get started with the shade chart! I am a member of a large online hairdressing forum, and will be recommending your colours to the thousands of hairdressers that use the forum on a daily basis, great value for money and an excellent product!"

Steve in London emailed us to say: "What a great service.  Colours maybe cheap, but quality is outstanding. Simply the best value hair colour we've used!"

Marie in Guildford emailed us to say: "Received our 1st order the following day.  Quality products as described."

Paul in Truro emailed us to say: "Great product, great price and great service."

Jonathan in Northampton emailed us to say: "These guys are professionals selling professional products.  Excellent support with the colours."

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