(Colour: 5.0) BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR" Permanent Colour/Color: Light Brown Plus. Code: 5.0

(Colour: 5.0) BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR" Permanent Colour/Color: Light Brown Plus.  Code: 5.0
(Colour: 5.0) BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR" Permanent Colour/Color: Light Brown Plus.  Code: 5.0
(Colour: 5.0) BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR" Permanent Colour/Color: Light Brown Plus.  Code: 5.0


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Description: BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR" Permanent hair colour cream created to cover and colour grey and natural hair while preserving its structure and to create glossy, long lasting shades in absolute safety, given its high content in 99% pure protection and colouring pigment.

Size: 100ml tube

Active Ingredients: CONDITIONING BASE: POLYQUATERNIUM-6 CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE - Quaternary ammonium compounds with antistatic and film generating properties

DIMETHICONE PEG-8 MEADOWFOAMATE - A silicon extract of meadow foam seed oil that combines in a single molecule the conditioning properties of meadowfoam seed oil and the silicons’ unique sheen imparting properties.

PANTHENOL - A vitamin B5 precursor that conditions and moisturises.

AMMONIUM HYDROXIDE - A small quantity makes for extraordinary gentleness when colouring grey or natural hair, ensuring perfect cover with deep, glowing colours

Available in: 78 shades, divided as follows:

- 68 base shades
- 9 super bleaching
- 1 bleach strengthener (000)

How to use and apply:

Standard colour formula 1:1.5

- 50 ml. BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR" with 75 ml. BITS4HAIR "THE OXI CREAM" Peroxide at 10 – 20 – 30 and 40 volumes.

Super bleaching formula 1:2

- 50 ml. BITS4HAIR "THE COLOUR" with 100 ml. BITS4HAIR "THE OXI CREAM" Peroxide at 40 volumes.

Bleach strengthener 000

- mix in equal quantities with the super bleaching series shades or any other base colour to enhance lightening by up to one tone.
- e.g. 25 ml cream + 25 ml 000 + 75 ml oxygen for base tones, adding 100 ml oxygen for super bleaching.


Please note, it is important to remember that the hair colour result you achieve when using a colour is determined by a number of factors, namely:

1. The colour of the hair before applying the colour

2. The mix of colour to developer used to mix the hair color.

We advise you carry out a skin test before applying any hair colour.

BITS4HAIR "THE OXI CREAM" Peroxide 1Ltr - 20 vol 6%


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